Minutes - February 7, 2024 - at RIA
Attendees: Mike, Glenn, Kathy, John, Jonathan, Ed, Nicole, Paul, Judy
Behavioral Health Project: (we need a better title)
                Safety – Based on meetings with the police, schools and police want a better relationship. Engagement suggestions included small scale events, such as ice cream and pizza parties. Police feel they can’t be more effective because there are now 95 vacancies.
                 Housing – Paul discussed an upcoming meeting with 3rd Presbyterian and planned renovations   in the Cameron / Lyle area with plans to increase homeownership.
                 Food and Nutrition – Plans to focus on School 54/Flower City
                 Education – Ed talked about the enrollment cap of 268 at RIA, yet 1400 more children are expected in Rochester. They will have to be distributed to other schools at this time. In March the State Ed Dept will do an evaluation of RIA as a potential Jr. Sr. High School.             
Jonathan explained an emergency meeting called over the weekend by Lyle-Otis businesses because of the lack of security.  
Nataly will contact the participants of the November meeting with a follow up /progress report.
Budget Report: Paul presented the budget for the current year. He and Judy attended the District Grant training program, and a list of examples of other district grants as well as those submitted by our club.  He proposed an increase in membership dues – Mike and Ed made the motion and second and it was approved. The budget was also approved, with the motion by John and seconded by Mike.  Paul was asked to add Interact finances to the Club budget.
Potential District grants were discussed. John brough the cookbook used and distributed by Foodlink.  The cost is $5.  Foodlink could be a potential partner.   Other ideas are welcomed and encouraged.
Club Service Projects:  Judy and Tom are going to meet and will present ideas.