January 17, 2024 Minutes
Attending: Ed, Tom, Nicole, Bobbie, Glenn, Nick, Jonathan, Mike, Paul, Kathy, John, Judy and Natalie Stoner – intern from MCC.
Baseball Update: The calendar has been set, with the possibility of an additional game if enough volunteers are signing up. Opening day was changed to Mama Mitzy Pizza – not as profitable, but much warmer.  It’s early, but sign up if you can either for a spot or as a possible substitute.
5th Week Social: January has 5 Wednesdays, so we agreed upon a breakfast gathering in the Northwest -either Peppermill or Parkway Diner.
Upcoming District Events: PETS (President Elect Training), District Assembly Training, Annual Conference. Details are on the Rotary 7120 website -a great way to learn more about Rotary.
Mental/Behavioral Health Project Update:
      Following Glenn’s planning process and matrix - 
On Safety, Mike reported again on the meeting with police in which their issues were different than ours, and the focus on the public’s perception of the police. Jonathan related a story about a supportive T shirt that demonstrated the pervasive distrust, even among children. Attempts are made by the Peace Collaborative – however they have not been paid although funded by the City. Ed explained that the police regularly and successfully interact with students at RIA.
It was stressed that creating a positive image is critical, and that selecting a project whose outcomes could be measured would be important. Creating social events with the police should be continued, with Rotary participation.
Other suggestions: the Homeless population;   School 54 (Flower City) has expressed interest in participating in a project with Rotary.
Paul will follow up with housing and John with food / nutrition education at School 54.