Minutes May 15, 2024
May 15, 2024 Minutes - 75 Stutson
Attending:  Mike, Glen, Judy, Djifa, Bobbie, Ed, Kathy, Frank (Foodlink), Jose, Nicole, Tom, Paul, Nick, Guest Gregg Sadwick Greece Rotarian and Candidate for Congress is visiting various Rotary Clubs to introduce himself.
Bobbie reported on sunflower sales at the Public Market for 2 Sundays, with one more to go. Total donations will be around $2500.  The Club will visit the Foodink /Lexington Urban Farm; pinning was scheduled for the next week. Paul will look for a missing check to UNHCR.
Tent City /Gardner Lofts:
Two public hearings are scheduled for next week; Judy and Paul will each attend one to voice Rotary’s support for the project. Mitch Gruber said that there’s not enough potential income for a grocery store in that area. About half the units are set aside for veterans. Support services for veterans would be provided through Eaglestar, related to DePaul and represented by Zach Fuller. 
Behavioral Health:  
Nick explained “push – in” services that might be developed in this project. As an example:   Gavia LifeCare Center helps build and enhance the skills needed for individuals to manage their lives effectively through mental health counseling / located in Greece.  The development of community space would be important for this. 
Nick mentioned that the crisis in the Northwest is lack of safe, affordable housing for large families – which is not in the plans for Gardener Lofts. Conversations with School 54 confirm this problem, with cost and availability leading to homelessness for many families.
Related to the goal of increasing the amount of housing, Paul explained the cost differential of rehabbing a house for $40,000 vs. a new construction apartment of $450,000. He’s working to identify at least one house as a pilot.
Next: 5th Wednesday breakfast at the Peppermill on Wednesday May 30.